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Probably not much can be done from an ICANN's POV, but as a FYI - Dev Anand

From a paper at the 23rd USENIX Security Symposium:

"Domain parking is a booming business with millions of dollars in revenues. However, it is also among the least regulated: parked domains have been routinely found to connect to illicit online activities even though the roles they play there have never been clarified. In this paper, we report the first systematic study on this “dark side” of domain parking based upon a novel infiltration analysis on domains hosted by major parking services.

The idea here is to control the traffic sources (crawlers) of the domain parking ecosystem, some of its start nodes (parked domains) and its end nodes (advertisers and traffic buyers) and then “connect the dots”, delivering our own traffic to our end nodes across our own start nodes with other monetization entities (parking services, ad networks, etc) in-between.

This provided us a unique observation of the whole monetization process and over one thousand seed redirection chains where some ends were under our control. From those chains, we were able to confirm the presence of click fraud, traffic spam and traffic stealing. To further understand the scope and magnitude of this threat, we extracted a set of salient features from those seed chains and utilized them to detect illicit activities on 24 million monetization chains we collected from leading parking services over 5.5 months. This study reveals the pervasiveness of those illicit monetization activities, parties responsible for them and the revenues they generate which approaches 40% of the total revenue for some parking services. Our findings point to an urgent need for a better regulation of domain parking."

Watch the presentation and read the paper at