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This page describes the work I need to accomplish and I need help for.



I work on Windows to manage hosting under Linux, developping Linux script generators on Windows. I find this convenient to better understand how to keep things simple and see the systemic flaws.


I use to use mediawiki as a working tool at a Centos hosting.

I first built them in:

  • downloading a MediaWiki and some extensions on my Windows machine,
  • uploading them each time I created a new site,
  • initiating a MySQL database on the site cPanel,
  • running the php installation file,
  • downloading the LocalSetting.php file on my Windows machine for back-up and adding access protection lines
  • reloading it on the Centos machine.

Then I started creating them with Softaculous.

My hosting company transferred me to a dedicated machine for more control under WHM+cPanel.

This became more complex when PHP, then MySQL were to be updated for all sites. Mediawiki people explained me the problem. I want to come back to my initial system but in using a single mediawiki copy, virtual directories, a MySQL creation script.

The target is to create, support, and keep updated the environment of hundreds of wiki sites.

Local XAMPP (Windows)

I started using mediawiki as well on my local windows machines. I installed XAMPP and the mediawiki files in a dropbox directory. I run these wikis with SQLight. It works well on my three dropbox coupled machines.

What I want to achieve

I want to stabilize

  • an operational "face" of my wikis on a new "Linux VM" host without WHM/cPanel like stuff
  • and a back-office (backup, development, testing, etc.) on the Windows machines.

The help I need

I only need models of the scripts for the task I have in mind in the MySQL context I ignore the administration, and support (explanation) if I meet difficulties with them and my approach.

This probably calls for an initial mail exchange followed by occasional exchanges on the way to proceed for some tasks in my context.

Current situation on the Centos Machine

I have written scripts (may be to review) to build a "/jfc" directory on my Centos machine where I backup my wiki as:

  • "name of the wiki".lsp for the LocalSetting.php file
  • "name of the wiki".sql for the QSL dump
  • "name of the wiki".xml for the XML dump.

situation on the windows machine

I downloaded that files to my windows machine and organized them as:

  • \dropbox\jfc\"name of the wiki"/LocalSetting.php for the LocalSetting.php file
  • \dropbox\jfc\"name of the wiki"/"name of the wiki".sql for the QSL dump
  • \dropbox\jfc\"name of the wiki"/"name of the wiki".xml for the XML dump.
  • \dropbox\jfc\"name of the wiki"/"images" for the files loaded on the wikis (for the time being, no script)
  • \dropbox\ediwki\wikicurr for a copy of the current mediawiki releads (1226)
  • \dropbox\xampp standard set-up with htdocs, mysql\bin.

The local wikis are to be at \dropbox\xampp\htdocs\wiki\"name of the wiki"

The help I need

on the windows side

1. MySQL

  • understand how to and set-up a password from \dropbox\xampp\mysql\bin
  • load a copy of a wiki database in MySQL
  • the model of batch file to automate the database load (or reload)

2. Wiki

  • set-up wiki virtual directories in \dropbox\xampp\htdocs\wiki from "\dropbox\ediwki\wikicurr"
  • where I will copy the "\"name of the wiki"\LocalSetting.php" file and the "images" directory.

on the host side

1. install a new "Linux VM"

  • this machine should be dedicated to Wikis + Mails + Mailing lists + DNS in a first time.
  • it should support standard XAMPP config, files, scripts and cron
    • I can replicate easily from scripts in one single script directory when creating, updating, maintaing them
    • in symbiosis with the windows side (I suspect the scripts may differ but metaparameters will be the same).

2. load it

  • same process as under windows from existing Linux machine, but under "Linux VM" from windows.